three centuries to experience during your escapade

Ancient stones, an eternal forest, a historic shepherd’s home, contemporary comfort


Scrubland, profoundly transformed by man as centuries passed, Lussan was for a long, long time a land of sheep. This is why we find numerous architectural traces linked with pastoral life; these are the stone pens which afforded a welcome to the animals in the middle of their journeys. They used to be called “Jasses” or more locally “Granjas” (especially the more isolated ones) and they belonged to the old and important families of Lussan. Around the hamlet of Dizier, you can find in particular a “Pas de Fedes” (the passage of the ewes) and a public watering-place for sheep, now known as “The mercoire lake” in reference to the Gallo-Roman god Mercury.


Our shepherd’s shelter situated on the high grounds of the hamlet is surrounded by dry-stone walls which enclosed a part of the land, thus permitting the sheep to graze peacefully. It’s been in our family for three generations now, having previously had several owners, including a very prominent Lussan personality.


It was in spring 2016 that we decided to bring this magnificient building, this magic place, back to life, when we decided to restore. It we had the keys in our hands in June, and that’s when the work really started !


Billy, who has been an architect- builder for 15 years now, got stuck into the task for 11 months, putting his passion and his energy into making out of this site a charming home, reconciling authenticity, modernity and high-class comfort. The restoration work was painstakingly carried out, respecting the existing construction and the environment, using only noble materials. For her part, Amandine, a specialist in culture, tourism and communication, brought her personal, feminine touch to the decoration and the promotional side of things. The unusual mixture of family furniture, antiques, modern elements and personal photographs, all contribute to bring the past into the present in the most refined way possible.


After this year of reflection, conception, discussion, and sharing of ideas…The Bergerie finally opens its doors on May 1 2017.





A holiday to charm you in the heart

of an exceptional environment